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Vermont Who Knew encompasses the most unique people, places, and events—both past and present—the Green Mountain State has to offer. 
Image by John Holm

YOur Book to DISCOVER Vermont's Hidden Secrets 

Vermont. . .Who Knew?

is the title of a nonfiction travel book available now. Accompanying 100-plus profiles, essays, and anecdotes in Vermont . . . Who Knew? are 85 full-color photos and maps, illuminating the Green Mountain State's unsung heroes, quirky characters, and overall uniqueness. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wrote the Foreword.

Want more? Most stories are followed by links to short YouTube videos with additional sight and sound coverage. So when you use Vermont . . . Who Knew? and a PC or mobile device together, a mere "good read" is immediately transformed into an unforgettable multimedia experience!


Get your copy now for the introductory price of $18.95.

When Houston designer Debbie O'Byrne submitted five versions of a new cover for Vermont . . . Who Knew? some

months ago, a panel of 55 Facebook subscribers cast their votes, with the composition below receiving the most votes by far. One viewer wrote that she liked this version because "the destination of the disappearing road seemed to offer answers to questions suggested by the book's title—with the beautiful scenery implying that the trip getting there would be a pleasant one." Whether you feel the same way or not, we certainly hope you enjoy the ride that reading the book gives you!

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