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Interview To Win Your First Job

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Let's say you're one of 15 candidates for a job you really want. The money is good. The work is exactly what you've prepared for. And the company is solid—not too different from the one you visualized the day you locked in on your best possible career choice.

But now the ball's in your court. How do you make sure you get the job offer—and that it doesn't go to another of the candidates?

How do you prepare for an interview that may affect the rest of your working life?

"Interview to Win Your First Job" is a 33-minute advice-filled video and accompanying 48-page Actionbook that breaks down to its essential parts, and positions you to get the job you want. You'll learn how to:

  • Make the best first impression

  • Get a definition of the ideal candidate

  • Determine whether you want the job, and finally...

  • Work to get a job offer—or at least a second interview

Awarded Certificate of HONORABLE MENTION 
Columbus International

Film and Video Festival

Watch two minutes of live action for a look inside "Interview to Win Your First Job" video.

Interview to Win 1st Job excerpt
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Order the video to see how Mr. Holmberg convinced his interviewer he would be an ideal candidate. Learn also about other tactics to help you get your dream job! 


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Job-Search Actionbook Contents:

1. A Career Search Agenda - Before Your First Interview

  • Exercise 1: Job Choice Pluses and Minuses

  • Exercise 2: Setting Up a Network

  • Two Examples of a Powerful Résumé

  • Two Examples of a Targeted Cover Letter

2. Preparing for the Interview

  • A Pre-Interview Checklist

  • Exercise 3: Preparing for Your Interview

  • Exercise 4: Investigating the Position

  • Exercise 5: Answering Résumé Questions

  • Exercise 6: Responding to Tough Questions

  • Exercise 7: Answering "Hidden Agenda" Questions

  • Exercise 8: Asking Your Own Questions

3. After the Interview

  • Writing a Follow-up Letter

  • Exercise 9: Preparing for the Second Interview

4. Bibliography

  • Helpful Career Books

Actionbook for Interview to Win Your First Job


“This video opens with an unrehearsed segment of a group of new graduates (not all young) convincingly discussing their concerns and fears about job hunting. The narrator briefly reviews tips for finding job openings and developing a strong résumé, then moves on to the interview process. Several dos-and-don’ts skits are then analyzed and critiqued, and the narrator reviews their content, adding further information. A bibliography of pertinent material is added at the end of the video. The acting here is excellent; the advice is good and up-to- date; the pacing is lively; and the whole production is very professional. This is probably the best video on the subject this viewer has seen. Recommended for most libraries.


—Harriet Edwards, East Meadow Public Library, NY

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