Vermont . . . Who Knew? Coming Soon!


The people, places, and events shown on the spanking new front cover of Vermont . . . Who Knew? are taken from a few of the 100-plus stories we’re finishing for publication in early 2019.


Want to see more? Well, we’ve found a way For you to do that. Following over half of the stories are YouTube videos to supply a bonus sight-and-sound experience—related specifically to the story you’ve just read. And there are no complicated URLs to memorize: Enter the three- or four-word title in the YouTube search box, and you’re there. . . All on your computer or smart phone in just a few clicks! We’ll keep you posted on our blog as we get closer to finishing Vermont . . . Who Knew?--as well as share some of the ins and outs of independent publishing as we experience them for the first time. Meantime, if you’d like to be among the first to take part in this multi-sensory experience, our pre-publication price is $18.95. | 1.800.562.9646 | Saxtons River, VT 05154 | © 2019 by Robert F. Wilson