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Welcome to My New Website!

April 21, 2018

I’m not sure anyone is out there and thus able to read this, but I’m told I need to include one blog in this space before the site goes live. So in accordance with that edict:


The big reason I have for constructing this entire website is that Vermont . . . Who Knew? my new book, is being published in a couple of months, and I need one single location to stir up some interest in it. This seemed as good a place as any.



My first 12 books were published by several different publishers, all of whose logos appear in the second group of them on the Home page, along with the logos of magazines that have published articles I’ve written. Copies of some of these are archived here on the site.


Among the books is my latest, Vermont Curiosities, which did well after it was published in 2009. It was also one of only four of the forty-plus titles in my publisher’s state “Curiosities” series that were chosen in 2015 to receive four-color makeovers as part of their second edition. This made me proud and happy, and I worked hard to write new stories and eliminate many of those that were out of date. When my editor told me the book would be available in March of 2016, I was ready.


But then March came, and the book did not appear, I checked the page. Ah, I was wrong. April is when it would be out. I checked with my editor. Just a slight delay, she said. No big deal. Then came May, June, and July. The page had a picture of the new cover, but the publication date alongside it kept marching backward, month by month. And always the same reply from my editor: Just a slight delay; it’s actually just days away.


But when December came, it seemed that this was more than a minor delay. I asked the editor to revert the rights to the book back to me, something I had done with two previous books when sales lagged and it seemed there was no publisher interest in further advertising or publicizing. “Give us another chance,” my editor said, with such conviction that I agreed. Our relationship had been good after all, and I wasn’t eager to start over with another publisher.


But I was wrong, and in June, when the Vermont Curiosities page announced July as the next magic date for its publication, I learned from my contract that 18 months had passed since my finished manuscript had been approved, which meant I was free to seek the return of all rights to the book. Two months later, I received a letter from the publisher to that effect, and another month after that I was sent the manuscript and photo files.


From then (mid-September 2017) until now (April 20, 2018), I have jumped—or maybe fallen—into the shark-infested waters of self-publishing an unfinished book with minimal experience in a variety of tasks. I promise that this will not be self-publishing-centered blog. But for those of you involved or interested in the topic, I will share my experiences and answer all questions with the hope that it interests, explains, or clarifies.


             *     *     *    


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